I would like to comment on how perfect Dr. Kelsey is as an eye doctor. We have a mentally handicapped daughter and when he examines her eyes, he is so patient and calm with her, as he is with all of us. I would recommend everyone to visit his office. He is special as is every one in the office. Everyone is so helpful.

Meryl C

We are very impressed with the excellent service we have received at Clarity Family Eyecare. Dr. Nick Kelsey and his staff are very caring, personable, and professional in providing for our family’s eye care needs. We highly recommend Dr. Kelsey at Clarity Family Eyecare.

Jack and Debbie

I was really glad when Buhl got an eye doctor in town. This has been really good for me since I am not able to drive to Twin Falls anymore and I do not have to rely on my children to take off work and get me over there. I have been to Dr. Kelsey for the past couple years now and I am very happy with what he has done for me. e is very personable and he does not have the nurse do all the work. He does the exams and all the testing. Tha is what a Doctor should do. I would recommend Dr. Kelsey to anyone needing to see an eye Doctor.

Beverly W

I was so relieved when Clarity Family Eyecare opened for business. Time, gas and scheduling for a family of six is a lot easier when appointments are local. It was a bonus to have such a family oriented professional that could relate to us all. I highly recommend Nick Kelsey for your eye care needs and he has cool sunglasses too!

Kris G